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Embrace Your Roots Tee by Simone

Embrace Your Roots Tee by Simone

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Celebrate Style and Self-Care with Simone's 'Key to Self' Tee 🌟✨

Explore the art of self-expression with our 'Key to Self' t-shirt, thoughtfully designed by Simone. This piece transcends ordinary fashion, transforming a simple tee into a statement of identity and pride, available in versatile white and black.

🎨 Artistic Design: The 'Key to Self' features a stunning graphic of a woman with an afro full of stylish combs. This design not only catches the eye but also celebrates the rich culture and beauty of natural hair, symbolizing the care and attention we give to our identities and personal expression.

👕 Comfort & Quality: Crafted from 100% organic cotton, this tee offers a soft touch, excellent durability, and a breathable fit—perfect for everyday wear and continual self-expression.

📐 Sizing & Fit: Available in sizes S to XXL, ensuring a comfortable and flattering fit for diverse body types.

Wear your 'Key to Self' as a badge of creativity, cultural pride, and personal care. Let this unique piece by Simone inspire you to embrace your identity and express your style with confidence every day!

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